eProcess Manager

eProcess Manager is a revolutionary risk based performance and compliance management solution that allows businesses to design, execute and monitor their business strategies by aligning, integrating and analyzing six main business principles. The results that eProcessManager produces are clear increase revenues, reduced costs, and assurance industry/regulatory compliance is being maintained. The Enterprise Risk Management System ensures the organization’s strategic goals are in alignment with your vision and risk appetite. The Organization’s key processes are easily captured and improved by using our industry specific templates which includes many best practices by process. KPI’s are rolled into a digital dashboard allowing you to instantly monitor and analyze the progress of each goal. This allows continuous improvement by making any necessary adjustments to your goals, processes, and KPI’s.

The eProcessManager® Suite provides the ultimate set of tools necessary to enable your business strategy by integrating People, Technology and Process.

Get eProcess Manager and open the door to so many possibilities. It also allows you to capture your corporate strategy, build, assign and track strategy initiatives, prioritize and document business processes in alignment with corporate objectives, and publish processes to an intranet in an easy-to-navigate self service format. Learn more…

What can you do with ePerformance Manger? Well here are just a few possibilities:
Capture Corporate Scorecards.
Review Corporate Compliance Position.
Review Strategy Status.
Review Process Performance.
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Monitor date—and time—sensitive events within your organization. Check status of data, such as credit holds, inventory thresholds, sales ratios, urgency levels, and priority client transactions. Merge data into transaction initiated email messages. Instantaneously pass data, files and messages to the next person(s) in the process. You could do all this with eProcess Monitor. Learn more…

This revolutionary new product leverages the ePerformanceManager technology by allowing users to get daily visibility into how well they are achieving their defined KPI’s. In line with T/1’s continual theme of integrating People, Process, and Technology, the ePerformance DashboardTM allows managers to see and measure how well their organization is performing against the KPI’s that they have determined.