NOVAtime Time & Attendance

Perryman & Associates offers this automated time and attendance solution from NOVAtime for small to enterprise-size businesses. NOVAtime’s time and attendance solutions are built around the NOVAtime Automated Timekeeping System, data collection devices or programs, and integration modules designed to exchange employee and labor information with payroll, human resources, and other essential business systems. NOVAtime automated timekeeping solutions reduce the amount of time needed to prepare data for payroll, eliminate payroll errors, improve workforce management, and help track and manage labor expenses. As your business grows, NOVAtimes dynamic and scalable time management systems can be easily upgraded without further staff training.

NOVAtime 4000

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NOVAtime 4000 is a fully automated web-based software, that is accessible from anywhere and suitable for companies of any size. Its innovative and flexible design offers you a system that will grow with your company. NOVAtime 4000 Service delivers solid performance, scalability, and reliability. Now a company of any size has a secure, cost-effective, maintenance free, and turnkey solution for managing employee time. NOVAtime 4000 uses a multi-layered, defense-in depth approach to provide maximum protection and integrity at all components of out solution.

NOVAtime 4000 can be accessed from the Internet through secure browser connections. In order to provide a world-class service, it has designed procedures based on best-practices, adhered to proven industry standards, and deployed state-of-the-art technologies.

NOVAtime 4000 is available as a hosted service and provides web services for companies with single or multiple locations. The NOVAtime 4000 Web Time and Attendance system allows for Employee Kiosk access, Employee Punch access and/or Administrative/Supervisor access. Its web services allow companies access to employee web punch, online timesheet edit/approval, online PTO requests and approval, project time distribution, online scheduling, online attendance tracking, online expense sheet management, benefit tracking and self-service kiosk capabilities.

NOVAtime manages the ongoing performance, server tuning, security and stability of the NOVAtime 4000 SaaS. The solution is maintained in a secure data center that provides stability and information security for all services and customer data. The highest level of quality and service is continually offered and is built on the best possible hardware and software infrastructure to minimize the risk of service interruptions. To achieve high availability, every component used in Novatime 4000 is extremely reliable and optimally configured for performance. Learn more…

NOVAtime 3000

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NOVAtime’s Workforce Management Solution is a complete solution that meets the needs of today’s most demanding business requirements. From automated time tracking anywhere to complex labor costing and analytical reporting, NOVAtime can help your business reduce labor costs by optimizing your company’s workforce through automated pay rules, advanced scheduling, and business intelligence. NOVAtime’s application was designed with a workflow process in-mind. Roles and responsibilities are easily defined, which will simplify deployment and usage throughout your company. Learn more…

NOVAtime 2000

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NOVAtime 2000 is an easy-to-tailor time and attendance/workforce management system designed to meet timekeeping needs for mid-size companies.

NOVAtime 1000

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Companies starting with our small business edition are fully upgradeable to NOVAtime 2000, NOVAtime 3000, and NOVAtime 4000 without further modification or employee training. NOVAtime provides excellent backwards compatibility throughout our complete line of solutions to meet your changing business needs. Learn more…