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Sage AP Automation

End-to-end integrated solution to automate
 processing, approval, and payment of invoices.


In accounting departments, the accounts payable (AP) team has to tackle the most repetitive, manual work and is rarely seen as a strategic center within the business. Only 15 percent of businesses* see their AP department as a valuable collaborator, and one third don’t see accounts payable as a strategic operation at all, despite the high amount of data that circulates through the department each month. However, AP automation can improve this outlook. Automation all but eliminates data entry, minimizes delays and errors, and increases job satisfaction, as AP staff can reallocate their time from mundane manual tasks to more valuable accounting work. Better yet, AP automation opens up a data goldmine   for businesses, which can be leveraged in strategic financial decision-making.

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Sage AP Automation Solution

With Sage AP Automation, you can completely transform the way you tackle Accounts Payable. Work with freedom and flexibility from the cloud, save time by automating manual processes, and run your business with more efficiency.


What can Sage AP Automation do for you?

Your team is busy. Leave the data entry behind and focus on strategic tasks that help you grow faster.

Securely access and approve invoices for one or multiple companies from any device, anywhere in the world

With a virutal credit card rebate program, you make money while paying directly from Sage AP Automation. Release a payment, get cash back—it's that simple.

Empower your team with configurable approval channels based on custom fields like invoice amount, vendor, and more.

Have as many users as you'd like and pay only for the invoices you process. Sage AP Automation aligns your AP across all companies and departments. You always have access to a live support team, who are there to help you get the most out of Sage AP Automation.

Want to learn more?

Download these whitepapers or brochures to learn more about how Sage AP Automation can help simplify your business processes.


Does your AP automation system pay for itself? 

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Your guide to AP Automation

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Accounts Payable Automation, Built to Delight

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