LightWork Performance Management

LightWork™ Performance Management (formerly PerformancePAM) is a dynamic talent management system designed to help you identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success. Web-based with familiar Microsoft Windows navigation, LightWork integrates with all HR systems with the tightest integration to Sage HRMS.

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LightWork Performance Management Product Overview

LightWork™ Performance Management (formerly PerformancePAM) is the perfect performance management solution for any small to mid-size company. We work hard to make sure each company has the tools they need to help their business grow. 


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Managers and employees alike can define individual employee goals of a professional or personal nature for a holistic personal development plan. Future goals and objectives can be set to appear on the next appraisal for easy assessment and follow up.

Performance management requires organization. Setting appointments within your talent management software is a must. With LightWork, you can do just that.

The phrase selector provides an extensive library of comments for reviewers to use or modify to best articulate their feedback for an employee. The phrases displayed are based on the competency being rated and the score the reviewer has selected.

The word check feature helps reduce errors in appraisals and other documentation by recognizing language that is considered inappropriate as defined in the LightWork setup.

Access your employee data with easy to use visual elements. LightWork's visual analytics dashboard provides you with a variety of graphs detailing the broad movements within your organization.

Disallowed Phrases

This allows you to add phrases or words that should not be used during the appraisal process. Any of these phrases or words added during the appraisal process will get flagged by LightWork. 

LightWork Performance Management has an array of review methods, such as supervisors only, peer review, collaborative review, and much more. But if any those don't meet your needs, create a custom review group that can be used during the appraisal process. 

9 Box Classification

LightWork’s 9 Box Classification is a way of classifying employees based on their potential and performance to determine where they fit within the 9 Box Chart and as a result where the company can see them in the future.

Performance Appraisals traditionally take place yearly, or perhaps every quarter. Trying to gather the material you need to do an accurate portrayal of an employee that encompasses their whole year of work is difficult. 

When looking for a flexible tool that gives you a comprehensive view of your workforce, your first choice is a talent management software that offers a 360-degree appraisal. 

Use our available lists to find the appraisal(s) you are looking for quickly and easily. Get a list of all employee appraisals, employees, missing a primary email or manager, or use our appraisal filter to create a list specific to your needs.


With LightWork, importing your employee data from an excel sheet or another software system is simple.

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