LightWork Time

LightWork Time is a time and attendance program designed for companies with single or multiple locations and easily accommodates remote employees. Both managers and employees can input employee time at intervals specified by your business. Time can be entered via desktop punch, kiosk punch, or biometric/swipe timeclock.

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LightWork Time Product Overview

LightWork Time is a time and attendance solution that is perfect for any small to mid-sized company that needs a dynamic, yet easy-to-use system. Make your life easier with a little LightWork. 


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HRMS Imports

Integrate your current HRMS, payroll system, or excel sheet with LightWork Time for easy deployment and a consistent user experience.


LightWork Mobile is compatible with any iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows devices. With LightWork Mobile it is easy to track traveling employees. Kiosks can be set up at specific locations or set up on your employee's individual devices.

Employee Profiles

See information on your employees in one centralized location. Demographic data, employee pictures, and other valuable employee information are all available at your fingertips.

Punch Kiosk

Don't want to use timeclocks? LightWork has a built-in kiosks mode that allows your employees to punch in and out from any LightWork station. Use our configuration tools to allow for a different kiosk to be set up to match punches for different organization levels within your organization.

Time Imports

LightWork can work with your Point of Sale (POS) formatted flat file or another OleDb compliant data source to make importing your company's time simple.


LightWork Time's biometric timeclocks install easily on your network and support both hard-wired TCP/IP as well as option wireless connections. The timeclocks are user-friendly and can be easily customized by users with special requirements.


Because your IT requirements are as diverse as your employees, we offer two deployment models. LightWork can be purchased and hosted on your server or leased through our software as a service (SaaS) model.


LightWork Time has an array of reports that your company can use. Such as current employee timesheets, timesheet by pay code, timesheet with in/out time, etc. Though, if these reports do not meet your needs LightWork has the capability to create company-specific reports.

Payroll & Attendance Exports

LightWork's Export interface allows for you to select the HRMS system you would like to link with LightWork, making it easy to export payroll and/or attendance data in the format your payroll system requires.


With LightWork's text customization you will be able to change verbiage throughout your LightWork system, seamlessly customizing the software to your company's culture and processes.

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