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Sage 100/100cloud Virtualization



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What Can Virtualization & Cloud Hosting Do For You?

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of technology

  • Free up your business' response time

  • Improve your ability to rebound from disasters

  • Instant Local Virtualization

  • Instant Off-Site Virtualization

  • Hybrid Cloud

  • and much more...

Whether you virtualize to the cloud or create your own private cloud virtualization, virtualization allows your company to run pairs of applications and operating systems on “virtual machines." These are simply simulated compartments within one physical server. With virtualization, these compartments are protected from each other in case of an application or operating system crash; others running next to it are not affected. LightWork’s virtualization and cloud hosting offer backup and disaster recovery options to small and medium-sized companies that were only available to large corporations a short time ago.


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