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Sage Intelligence Report Designer now included in Sage 100c and Sage 300c subscriptions

Financial reporting with Sage Intelligence, just got easier. As of February 28, 2017, Silver Sage Business Care users now get Sage Intelligence Report Designer, in addition to Sage Intelligence Report Manager as part of all Sage 100c or Sage 300c subscription bundles. Contact us or visit the Sage Customer Portal for the license keys needed to download and activate your software.

Sage Intelligence Report Designer enhances what Sage 100c and Sage 300c users are already getting with Sage Intelligence Report Manager making it even easier to create and consume standard and custom Excel®-based financial reports. Here’s what’s new and what those using it have access to today:

What’s new – Sage Intelligence Report Designer

  • Drag and drop data to create financial reports with ease in Excel®

  • Speed report creation using predefined layouts for an Income Statement, Balance Sheet or Trial Balance

  • Model your reporting structure by setting up reporting trees

What You Already Get Today – Sage Intelligence Report Manager

  • Edit, customize, and save standard Excel®-based financial reports

  • Sort, drill-down and aggregate data to quickly view key financial data

  • Create new or custom reports to meet specific business needs

  • Distribute reports via file, intranet, or email

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