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Perryman Formulator Connector for Sage 100

Deland, July 26, 2017: Perryman & Associates announced the release of the Perryman Formulator Connector for Sage 100. The Formulator Connector works with Sage 100/Sage 100c Standard, Advanced, or Premium, and allows companies to seamlessly integrate their Sage 100 software to Formulator Software’s Formulator SQL product.

The Formulator Connector allows users to transfer data quickly on demand or on a schedule set by the user. Time that was spent re-keying information from one system to another can now be re-purposed for mission critical activities that don’t just support the survival of the organization but further its growth. Data entry errors are also eliminated.

Process manufacturing companies with labs and quality techs typically desire formulation software in non-production modes. Formulator provides a solution tailored to formulating chemists, food technologists, and lab technicians managing regulatory and compliance data. Adding Sage 100 Connector delivers a standard template specific to industry transactional and compliance requirements for rapid deployment that integrates your lab with accounting and production. Formulator automates the creation of items, formulas, costing, testing, labeling, and performance details across the lab. Using the Production, Inventory and QC Formulator modules and Sage 100 Connector provides a fully functional Process Manufacturing capability as well.

“Formulator Connector for Sage 100 brings together two premier solutions for the small to mid-size markets using batch processors quickly and easily.” said Scott Perryman, CTO of Perryman & Associates.

Perryman’s Software Formulator Connector for Sage 100 now brings a powerful ERP solution to the small and mid-sized batch processing market. Whether it is Cosmetics, Pharma, Chemical, or Nutrient, Formulator and Sage 100 with the Connector brings a total solution to companies’ batch processing needs.

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