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Announcing Sage X3 price change for FY 2018

Be advised of the upcoming Sage X3 price change for the United States and Canada

Sage X3 pricing adjustments are determined based upon our annual pricing review across Sage North America. This price change for 20 18 reflects the growing value that Sage X3 offers to our customers through the new features, integrations and the complementary solutions now available.

After careful review of all factors, the Sage X3 price change for FY 2018 for the United States and for Canada is a 15% increase to list prices (effective 01/01/18) and Sage Business Care renewals (effective 01/01/18) for U.S. and Canadian customers.

This change in pricing continues to normalize our pricing in the U.S. and Canada with our enterprise competitors.

Important notes

Sage X3 Price changes for FY 2018 exclude third-party products and endorsed solutions. Updated price lists are published on Sage Sell, and should be used for quotes on any new deals that are expected to close after the effective date of the price increase. Quotes that have already been issued to customers under the old pricing will be honored through February 28, 2018. If the new deal or renewal has not closed by February 28, 2018, a new quote under the new pricing will need to be issued.

Additional supporting documents

Sage X3 Pricing Change Brief | This brief provides a more comprehensive overview of this decision and further outlines the rationale as well as additional details that can be used to educate your sales teams. Included in this brief is an outline of the new pricing structure and frequently asked questions.

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