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How Performance Reviews Change Teams

Motivated and productive employees are the trademark of a well-run organization. Regular reviews of employee goals, performance, and development are crucial to keeping employees on track and allowing organizations to routinely examine their performance process.

The feedback received during a performance review can be invaluable to both manager and employee development and overall performance. Without aligning employee’s achievements with goals and making suggestions to keep them improving, employee development can stall which can effect business growth potential overall. Performance reviews equip managers with ongoing performance management tools and opportunities for regular feedback.

By defining employee objectives and goals, users are able to regularly examine road-maps and keep employees focused on organizational goals. Performance reviews provide a space and time for each employee to examine where management expectation has been set, their position, and plot a course in their development accordingly. The success of employees and the success of enterprises are linked. By retaining the right talent and developing a workforce, users gain a competitive edge. A solid, trusted performance management software like LightWork Talent Management is key.

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