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Time Tracking Software

Employee time tracking systems do exactly what you would expect: they track the number of hours an employee has worked and export those hours for payroll. Employee time and attendance software also takes care of the other important details, such as overtime pay, pay grade, and accruals. This results in correct and efficient paychecks every pay period. This is one way employee management solution streamlines payroll, eliminating human error. This is not the only benefit. This software solution also tracks how employees budget their time and if they are using it effectively, or possibly misusing it.

Establishing an atmosphere of productivity is crucial for any business. If your payroll is processed manually, how many hours a week does it take someone to review and approve timesheets, and then get a report to payroll? Additionally, how much of that time is spent correcting errors made by employees tracking their own time, or by payroll personnel? Without an employee time tracking software solution, your organization could be wasting valuable resources. Does your current system have the ability to quickly differentiate between full and part-time employees? Employee time entry and tracking software does this automatically. What’s more, all time is viewable and editable within most software solutions for review before pushing a report to payroll.

An employee time tracking system can also reduce costs in other ways. The software provides transparency, not only for employees who want to keep track of their time, but also for employers who want to avoid time misuse, and possibly even fraud. Employees who are steadily tardy or absent become more obvious within the system, and time clock fraud, such as buddy punching, becomes that much more impossible.

Timekeeping solutions provide functionalities that manual time collection cannot. Employees can request time off within the system, and both the employer and the employee can see how much time has accrued. Many solutions track employees from multiple locations through a mobile app or geotagging, and can work with multiple time clocks that are onsite. This reduces the amount of paperwork for employees who travel from site to site or job to job.

Employee management software, such as LightWork Time, makes the human resources' process of tracking and reporting employee time less cumbersome and more efficient. LightWork Time is an automated system that allows employees and their managers to confirm timesheets to ensure that information is accurate and complete. If you are interested in learning more about LightWork Time to streamline your employees’ timekeeping process, contact us today!

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