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Attendance Management: Documentation Matters

Showing up is half the battle, and documenting is the other half. That isn’t exactly true, but sometimes it may feel that way as an HR professional. Having a system for tracking time means that you at least have a way to document employee attendance. Documentation means everything when you are responsible for employee data, benefits, performance, and accounting for time, attendance and payroll. Documentation helps to limit the risk of legal liability if discipline or termination becomes an issue or is challenged. There are basically two ways to document attendance and time worked, manually or electronically. Even though this is 2021, many smaller employers still collect time manually. This lends itself to human error and time-consuming reconciliation and reporting processes. The other option is, of course, electronically or digitally. If you have managed, administered, and/or worked for an employer with 35, 50, or 5,000 employees or more, the chances are that you are using a software solution to collect time. The level of sophistication for time and attendance software solutions varies greatly, and that is where understanding the needs of your organization comes into play. Ideally, you want employees to have the ability to connect and enter their time from any possible worksite location, whether it be a field location, manufacturing floor, or their home office. Shift scheduling, proper time clock punch management, and reports for these activities are also a part of the documentation process. The ability to provide customizations that meet your organization's specific needs is crucial in today’s business environment. What good is a system that "works" if it is not working for you? Want to learn more ways to become effective at time collection, management, and reporting? LightWork® Software makes the human resources management experience easy and valuable to your organization. LightWork turns the overwhelming task of managing employees into an indispensable business strategy with dynamic human resources management software tools. LightWork is a web-based software human capital management (HCM) solution. Because each organizations' IT requirements are as diverse as its employees, LightWork Software offers a few deployment models. It can be deployed on a company’s local server, private cloud, or as a software as a service (SaaS). LightWork Software offers several areas of expertise in managing and growing your organization’s workforce through human capital management. Now you can strategically plan your company growth and development. To learn more, visit LightWork.


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