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Employee Recruitment in a Remote Workplace World

Human resources wears many hats for an organization, such as recruiting, hiring, benefits, training, payroll, performance management, and employee records, to name a few. Any number of these, if not all of these areas, may have been affected in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Large numbers of employees who primarily work on a computer are doing so in a home office on a flexible schedule. Job seekers have, for more than a decade, been using technology to network and search for new career opportunities. On the converse, human resources has been creating and adopting new ways to attract, locate and recruit new talent for the organization.

New talent injects new energy, expertise, and depth and breadth of experience to an organization. 

Many times, however, recruiting and hiring is to simply fill positions that are recently vacated. Time is of the essence to find employees in these situations, however, the responsibility should not be taken lightly. Bringing analysis and metrics to the recruitment process can be a boost to improving the recruiting process and your human resources practice.  

Recruiting and hiring great candidates should be a step-by-step, tried and true process. It should not rely on a wing and prayer. You have probably heard, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Developing metrics for recruiting may include application completion rate, qualified candidate rate, hiring costs, hiring time, and response rates. Each step measured can help human resources determine how to fine-tune the recruitment process to hire the best talent to meet organizational goals.

Technology can assist to track, analyze, and measure your outcomes, by providing reports on your established metrics.

Another aspect of recruiting is writing job advertisements that are accurate, while at the same time putting your organization forward in a positive light. Always have the hiring manager, in addition to HR, review the position description and the job ad to make sure it makes sense. Job descriptions can be tricky, especially for highly technical positions.

Proper branding during recruitment is critical to attracting the proper candidates. To put the importance of employer branding into perspective, about three-fourths of possible candidates look at a company’s reputation before even applying. Recent employee surveys show that a company with a strong employer brand tends to attract applicants who are significantly more qualified. These numbers increase depending on how niche the skillsets are, and how competitive that sector is. Understanding how important branding is to recruitment can make a difference in the quality of your organization’s future employees.

One of the quickest and easiest way to impact recruitment branding is to invest in technology. Candidate recruitment software can ease pain points in the hiring process, and make the process go smoother. Great candidates are easier to find with a solution that improves your positioning and branding. A robust recruiting software has the ability to create branded career center pages, post to major job boards and social media, keep track of applicants (including correspondence), and store candidate recruitment data. LightWork Recruit® does all of this and more, including integrating to your preferred HR software upon the completion of the recruitment process. Additionally, the entire recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding process can be done remotely.

Employing a recruitment software solution, such as LightWork Recruit and Onboarding, can increase the return on your organization’s human resources (HR) recruitment efforts. It is a powerful and flexible applicant tracking and recruiting software with a quick and easy set-up and implementation. Once an applicant is selected for hire, LightWork’s module assists with the administration and compliance concerns of onboarding a new employee. It also covers tax credit processing. Attracting and hiring top-level talent has never been easier or more efficient than with LightWork Recruit and Onboarding. To learn more about the value of a centralized recruit system click here.


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