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Five Benefits of Paperless Electronic Onboarding with LightWork Recruit

During a difficult two years, many companies chose to make the switch to remotely onboarding new hires due to the Coronavirus.

Electronic Onboarding with Lightwork Recruit’s onboarding module, iConnect, allows your HR Department to take control of the mountain of new hire paperwork, and manage it all online in your secure LightWork Recruit database. Making the change to a paperless environment is a big step for any company.

There are several benefits to doing so:

Having to Follow Social Distancing Requirements. This is a phrase that has been constant in our daily lives due to Covid-19. When social distancing is required, there’s not an easy way to do your hiring in person. Pivoting to a paperless environment supports your efforts to social distance, while still providing a favorable onboarding experience to your new hires.

Automate Communication with new hires. Set up custom email templates to invite your new hires to complete their new hire documentation securely online. Make sure to provide instructions on anything that needs to be included.

Improve Your Response Times and stay on top of onboarding tasks with iConnect’s reporting – always know which documents have been completed, and which are still pending.

  • Send Automatic Reminders for pending documents – set on a schedule!

  • Include a Welcome Video in your new hire portal.

  • Include Training Videos, surveys, and questionnaires.

  • Reduce or cut out the mailing and printing costs of paper documents.

Reduce data errors with new hires completing the paperwork and verifying that their data submitted is accurate.

Eliminate Data Entry into Sage HRMS. Save time and hassle. LightWork Recruit enters 100+ fields into the Sage HRMS database.

LightWork Recruit provides a secure, centralized system for storing all your new employee documents. Completed documents are available through LightWork Recruit at any time where they can be kept stored online, printed, or downloaded.

Setup an overview of LightWork Recruit with electronic onboarding today.


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