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Give Your Company an Advantage with a Time Solution

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” a well-known philosophy by Peter Drucker, 20th-century business management author and theorist. Whether you agree or disagree with the theory, this seemingly simple concept evoked entirely new business models and shaped corporate development. It is also the basis for nearly every HR and ERP software solution on the market today. Collect, analyze, track, and report is at the heart of human resource employee management tools, such as time and attendance, performance management, employee engagement, and learning management systems. For time and attendance, the process is fairly straight forward but ultimately is the most critical, as it affects policy, payroll, and compliance. When HR implements time management software, employees are more likely to begin work at the correct time, manage their day effectively, and leave when their official shift and day is completed. This directly translates into effective resource management and thus helps the bottom line for any company. Using a software solution means the time an employee spends working on any given project can be easily tracked. It only takes a matter of minutes to gather information about who, when, and where an employee is clocking time. A software coupled with an integrated time clock system also removes an employee’s ability to ‘game’ the system. The implementation of a time collection and attendance management tool will encourage employees to begin and finish work at the correct time. It also eliminates discrepancies. Time management software reduces overall employee costs while also improving productivity. A time and attendance software solution will assist your management team in proper staffing because hours are tracked, recorded, and reported. In turn, project management, estimating, and billing becomes more streamlined. You will also be able to analyze the attendance records, which may show you a pattern of specific days or hours when they appear unable to work regularly. Employee management software, such as LightWork® Software’s Time solution, makes the human resource process of tracking and reporting employee time much less cumbersome and more efficient. LightWork Time is an automated system that allows employees and their managers to confirm timesheets to ensure that information is accurate and complete. If you are interested in learning more about LightWork Time to streamline your employees’ timekeeping process, contact us today.Contact Us to Learn More


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