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Avalara helps businesses of all sizes get tax compliance right. They provide prebuilt integrations with the big-name financial and business management systems you trust, as well as a robust API for do-it-yourself business builders. Avalara delivers cloud-based compliance solutions for transaction tax types, like sales and use, VAT, GST, excise, communications, lodging, and more.

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Put Avalara’s powerful sales and use tax engine to work for your business.

Tax calculation is one of the most frustrating steps to managing transactional tax – and the first place where something is likely to go wrong. Knowing when you have to apply tax, which type of tax, what rate, and what tax rules apply can be daunting, especially if you’re relying on people or basic software or systems to do it for you. Relax. We’ve got your back. Avalara’s automated tax calculation engines are powerful and proven accurate. This means you not only reduce risk but save time and money too. Leave the taxing parts of business to us and get back to calculating what really matters to you – profits.​

Relax. You've got tax help from the experts.

Changing nexus rules. Registration requirements. Tax amnesty. For some tax issues, you want a professional in your corner.  Our tax experts are ready to help you understand your options and determine a course.  Click either of the solutions below for more information on how Avalara can help you.

Manage, store and retrieve the documents you need most.

End document storage and retrieval problems for good. Need a reliable way to prevent audit risk for tax-exempt sales? Want to make the 1099 or W-2 process easier this tax season? Say goodbye to the cardboard boxes and the filing cabinets: we’ve got you covered. With cloud-based storage and management, you’ll never need to deal with mis-filed, lost, or expired documents again.

No more missed deadlines. No more scrambling for forms.

Meeting filing schedules and filling out transactional tax return paperwork is nobody’s idea of a good time. So ditch your error-prone, complicated manual processes. It’s time for automation. Avalara is here to make it possible, with a range of transactional tax filing and returns solutions to fit every business need. Click any tax type below to learn more about our offerings.

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Sales & Use Tax

Learn more about the tax types below and find out how Avalara can help you.

No matter your size or industry, Avalara works for your business. Their end-to-end solutions unify sales and use tax calculation, document management, and returns preparation in one single platform.

  • Avalara Avatax: Avalara AvaTax provides cloud-based sales and use tax calculation with comprehensive, up-to-date tax rates pushed to your shopping cart or invoicing system, automatically.

  • Avalara Returns: Avalara Returns uses your sales data to prepare and file your sales and use tax returns, and remit payments, across multiple jurisdictions every filing cycle.

  • Avalara Certcapture: Avalara CertCapture is a scalable solution that securely collects, stores, and manages tax documents like exemption certificates, W-8s, and W-9s, in the cloud — for quick access to all your documentation whenever you need it.

Our tools lift the burden of sales tax compliance off your teams, so they can focus on growing your business.

Unlike sales tax, use tax can be triggered after a transaction, based on how and where products are used by the buyer. Managing use tax manually is labor-intensive and prone to error. Automation provides a better, smarter way than maintaining complicated spreadsheets or creating expensive custom solutions.

Sage Sales Tax, powered by Avalara, is one of the only tax compliance solutions that integrates directly with Sage ERP software. It lets you calculate rates, prepare returns, manage exemption certificates, and more, right from your own ERP. 

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Sales & Use Tax (Tax Calculaton) Ancho

Tax Document Management

Be Audit Ready and Reduce Risks

Avalara CertCapture enables you to streamline the collection and maintenance of exemption certificates, proactively identify and reduce risks, quickly respond to an audit, and significantly reduce the administrative burden on your internal resources.

Forms W-8 & W-9

Streamline the process of collecting, validating and maintaining Forms W-8 and W-9 for federal tax withholding compliance. Stay up-to-date on the latest regulations—including the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Returns and Filing

Automated Sales Tax Filing

When you want to outsource all sales tax compliance to the industry leader, choose Avalara Returns. Tightly coupled with Avalara’s award-winning tax-determination solution—AvaTax—Avalara Returns is a fully-managed solution that incorporates a Treasury solution for simple payment, guaranteed on-time filing, audit support, and notice management.

Do-it-yourself sales tax solution

TrustFile is a do-it-yourself sales tax solution for small businesses and eCommerce merchants. Quick to set up and easy to use, TrustFile takes your sales data and prepares sales tax reports for every state you collected tax in. TrustFile supports eFiling in a growing number of states, so you can take advantage of One-Click Filing to save even more time.

Automated Excise Tax Filing

Avalara Returns Excise Pro simplifies fuel tax compliance, enabling small and medium-sized suppliers, distributors, and terminal operators to reduce filing time and costs.

Signature ready sales tax return forms

Avalara Returns Excise Enterprise generates ready-for-signature fuel tax returns from your fuel transaction data, enabling distributors, terminal operators, suppliers, fleets, retailers, and other filers to automate the filing process.

Automated Communications Tax Filing

Avalara Returns for Communications provides tax filing, regulatory reporting, and remittance services for companies in the communications industry.

Automated Lodging Tax Filing

Avalara MyLodge Tax is a fully-automated solution for vacation rental homeowners seeking tax compliance for their vacation home rentals.

Automated VAT Filing

Gobal compliance can be incredibly complex. We make it simple. Avalara Returns for VAT automatically files returns for Value Added Tax.

Automated fuel tax filing for government entities

Avalara Government provides a complete solution for the automation of fuel tax filing and audit processes.

Tax Document Management Avalara
Returns& Filing Avalara

Professional Services

Sales Tax expert assistance for all of your needs.

With Avalara Professional Services, industry leaders deliver expert assistance, as well as help you meet all of the challenges of sales and use tax compliance.

Outsourced exemption certificate management

Avalara’s Managed Services team can handle your exempt certificate management operations on behalf of your organization.

Professiona Services Avalara


Sales Tax 101 Webinar

Sales Tax 101 Webinar

5 Ways Growing Companies Get Tripped Up By Sales Tax

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