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Take Employee Financial Services to a powerful new level

  • FlexWage drives adoption of electronic payroll processes reduces payroll costs and ensures pay gets delivered on time.

  • FlexWage reinforces the value of existing financial wellness programs.

  • WageBank interfaces with your HRMS to provide employees instant access to earned wages between pay periods.

  • WageBank is not a loan. It provides access to earned but unpaid wages. There is no interest or payback period.

  • WageBank provides employees with financial flexibility and increased disposable income.

  • FlexWage differentiates your company and generates positive PR and goodwill.

  • FlexWage increases employee productivity, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Payroll Cards

FlexWage saves your company money by significantly reducing the costs associated with paper paychecks. Employees also save money by eliminating check cashing fees, and further benefit from the convenience of having a widely-accepted Visa or MasterCard. FlexWage is ideal for employees currently unable to take advantage of direct deposit, including temporary, part-time, contracted, and unbanked employees.

FlexWage Features:

  • Reloadable Debit Card. Convenience and savings for employees.

  • Funds are immediately accessible from ATMs or cost-free at banks.

  • Cards are quickly and easily replaced if lost or stolen.

  • Easy to implement web-based solution--no hardware or software required.

  • Use everywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

  • Employees have free online access to statements and account balances.

  • Employee funds are protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy.

  • Loaded each pay period the same as direct deposit.

  • Pay employees anytime, even on holidays, days off, or during disasters.

FlexWage Benefits:

  • Solves the problem of paying employees who are currently unable to take advantage of direct deposit.

  • Eliminates check delivery fees.

  • Increases employee productivity by eliminating time-consuming trips to check-cashing stores or banks.

  • Almost all employees are eligible--no credit checks and no prior bank relationship are required.

  • Eliminates costs associated with lost, stolen, off-cycle, or fraudulent checks and associated processing.

  • Creates an additional voluntary benefit, increasing employee retention and loyalty due to improved employee satisfaction.

  • Reduces the time and costs associated with paper payroll check processing.

  • Increases security by reducing the opportunity for fraud.

  • Give your employees a paycard the same day they ask for it.


Every employee’s financial situation is different, but when unplanned expenses upset the delicate balance of their budget, your employees should have access to the funds they have earned without resorting to predatory lenders. 



WageBank is a proprietary solution that enhances your payroll process. WageBank provides on demand, instant access to a managed portion of earned, but unpaid wages. Millions of working Americans frequently find themselves in need of funds between paydays. When faced with financial shortfalls, employees without access to traditional credit resort to expensive alternatives. A few bounced checks, or using high-cost loan products create a difficult-to-escape debt trap resulting in additional financial hardship and increase stress. The impact on employee health, productivity and effectiveness cost employers money. WageBank solves the problem by providing automated access to a portion of earned but unpaid wages, based on employer policies. This can save employees over $700 annually and keep them focused on their work, not their finances. WageBank is not a high-cost loan, but a responsible low-cost, risk-free way to deal with employee cash flow challenges.

WageBank integrates with a variety of payroll and HRMS solutions, utilizing existing data to track and value wage accrual throughout the pay cycle.  The patented WageBank cloud service combines financial innovation with technology, yielding a user-friendly mobile and web portal.  Payroll time & labor data are synchronized with WageBank, providing access to available accrued wages, account balance, and transaction history.

Employers can improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention, accelerate payroll card adoption and cost savings while improving employee financial wellness with WageBank. This simple to demonstrate, simple to implement, an unrivaled marriage of financial innovation and technology has achieved recognition from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Pew Charitable Trust among others and is recognized as one of the most powerful financial products for employers since the 401K.

Direct Disbursement

Disburse Funds to Employee Payroll Cards in Seconds

Motivate Employees With Instant Rewards


  • Immediate delivery of non-recurring payments

  • Automate and Streamline out of pattern payments

  • Online, web services, or batch interface

  • Bonuses and travel advances

Instant Payroll Card Funding for,

  • Commission payments

  • Incentive payouts

  • Bonuses

  • Travel Expenses

  • Attendance awards

  • Termination pay

  • Vacation prepay

  • Per diems

Access your WageBank with the official WageBank app for iPhone or Android.


  • View WageBank balance details

  • Perform WageBank transfers

  • Check your FlexWage payroll card balance

  • View WageBank transfer history

  • Log in securely with the same User ID and Password you use on

  • Coming Soon: mobile payroll card transaction history and account management

Employer Benefits:

  • Reduce payroll costs.

  • Reduce absenteeism.

  • Improve employee productivity.

  • Eliminate requests for manual payroll advances.

  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Stop payday and check cashier verification.

Employee Benefits:

  • Instant access to wages, as needed.

  • Eliminate payday loans, payroll advance requests, and overdraft fees.

  • Web and mobile account access.

  • Eliminate check cashing fees.

  • No credit history requirement, income verification or securitization.

  • Nationwide ATM access.

  • No low balance checking account fees.

  • Shop, dine and pay for services anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

  • 100% Visa Fraudulent Use Protection.

  • 24/7/365 Customer Service.

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