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Sage Data & Analytics

In today’s fast-paced, customer-centric economy, data is the difference between “just making it” and thriving. That’s why it’s critical to have access to clean, timely data you can trust. Now available for Sage 100 and Sage 300, Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) empowers businesses with the information needed to confidently make decisions with data, facts, and truth—without hesitation.

Sage Data & Analytics Webinar

Sage Data & Analytics places data-based decision-making at the heart of your business. View this webcast to learn how SD&A provides a 360-degree view of your business and a decision-making infrastructure that will scale with your business as it evolves.

During this webcast we uncover:

Immediate SD&A benefits:
•    Ready-made analytics in-a-box
•    Tangible time savings
•    On-the-go access tailored to decision makers
•    Modernization of ERP and all your data

Eliminating reporting pain points:
•    Disparate, siloed data, and slow reporting
•    Inefficient and inaccurate decision making
•    Missed competitive advantage
•    Risk, non-compliance, and more


Your business data has so much to say to you...

Give a voice to your data - whether ERP, CRM or HR

Automate access, integration, and preparation of business data for reporting with zero coding.

Smart data connectors, with pre-built data models for various solutions.

Over 100 connectors for other data sources including ERP, CRM, financial systems, HRM, marketing tools, databases, files and more

Interested in Learning More about Sage Data & Analytics?

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