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DocLink, helps companies connect people, processes and data providing them with the ability to store, search, retrieve and send any document securely

Too much paper, convoluted access to documents, no control over day-to-day processes and time? What would it mean if you could spend less time touching documents, yet gain improved efficiency, visibility, and control? DocLink leverages the existing data in your Sage ERP to automatically and accurately index documents in your Accounting Department to:


•  Eliminate paper-based bottlenecks like AP invoice approval 

•  Allow users to retrieve documents instantly and easily, on any device

•  Automate the delivery of data to customers, vendors, partners

•  Reduce your audit prep from days or weeks to hours

•  Increase control and visibility of transactions
•  View documents right within Sage, no more chasing down paper


Experience seamless integration with Sage 100, 300, 500, Enterprise Management,  and PFW. The full suite of DocLink features and functions are available to Sage users. Also known as Sage Document Management, DocLink is a Sage Endorsed Solution, the highest achievable certification with Sage!

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  • Overcome inefficiencies and huge digital landfills with DocLink – an effective leading document management solution to keep your files secure and easy to find and manage.​​

  • Search and Retrieve Any Information
    No matter how your documents originate, DocLink’s robust capture capabilities index your documents for immediate and accurate retrieval from anywhere –your desktop, browser, or mobile device.


  • Protect Your Data
    In addition to securing your documents from accidental loss, assigned roles and permissions determine the access and capabilities for each user. Document access can be defined at a very granular level – right down to the document’s individual property values.


  • Track Document Actions
    All document activities are fully audited. Supervisors can see when a document was last accessed and what action was taken. You can readily see what has (or hasn’t) happened within your processes to identify frequent bottlenecks.


  • Seamless integrations
    We integrate with some of the top ERP software solutions

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DocLink Webinars

DocLink Webinars
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Go Paperless! Empower All Your Departments to Work Remotely

Go Paperless! Empower All Your Departments to Work Remotely

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