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Formulator Connector

Formulator Connector for Sage 100

Our Formulator Connector for Sage 100 brings a powerfully ERP solution.  Whether it is Cosmetics, Pharma, Chemical or Nutrient Formulator and Sage 100 with the connector brings a total solution to your Batch processing needs.

How It Works

Let's take a look at Formulator and Sage 100 to gain a better understanding of why our Connector can be beneficial to your company.

Formulator is a software program written for the Formulation Chemist and batch processing needs, Whether it is Cosmetics, Pharma, Chemical or Nutrient Formulator.  It provides a dynamic set of calculation and data manipulation tools to aid in the development and testing of new batch formulas, testing of new materials and improvement of current formula performance.  Modules include Quality Manager, Production Manager, Project Manager, Advanced Costing, Regulator and Sample Manager.  The Nutrient Version adds features to the Food and Feed Technologist and includes all of the standard Formulator capabilities.  Formulator is integrated with Sage 100 via the Formulator Connector for Sage 100.   

Formulator Connector
Sage 100c

Sage 100c is a complete solution for small and medium companies that need to automate processes, connect employees, and gain business insight.

  • Manage more than just accounting

  • Unite your entire business to work more collaboratively and meet customer expectations

  • Stay in compliance

  • Choose among deployment options and add-on solutions to meet your unique business needs

  • Reduce reliance on error-prone spreadsheets to run your business

  • Customize your business intelligence reports and dashboard

Our Connector allows you to integrate Sage 100 to Formulator's SQL version seamlessly.

So, if your company is using one, both, or looking for the right products to increase productivity and efficiency, then we may have what you need. 

G.J. Nikolas

Keeping the Connection 

A company known for longevity, G.J. Nikolas & Co. understands what it means to grow and expand. They began in 1890 and are now one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the US. They’re currently running under the fifth generation of Nikolas's, with Buck Nikolas at the helm of a successful industrial coatings business.  Specializing in lacquers and veneers of all kinds, G.J. Nikolas & Co. manufactures the finest clear protective and decorative coatings in the world. “And not just for coating infrastructure,” Vice President Jamie Koch says, “Our coatings are also used for things like musical instruments and sculptures.” G.J. Nikolas & Co is one of those companies that serves a vital but subtle service in our everyday world.  And to maintain that seamless functionality, they needed a capable ERP handling their finances.


Finding a New Path after Solution Retirement

Change in business is a given, but when a solution you've used for many years is retired an organization is faced with a tough road to find the right solution that meets functionality and user needs. Savogran has produced and distributed paint removal products, solvents, cleaning and patching compounds, and other home upkeep items since 1875. Through the years, they used Sage PFW Process Manufacturing for their accounting and process manufacturing requirements. With help from the Perryman team, Savogran moved to Sage 100 and started using Perryman’s Formulator Connector. With the combination of these two solutions, Savogran was able to stay within the Sage family and continue using third-party integrations. Savogran now has the ability to use Sage 100 and their third-party products seamlessly, with the help of Perryman’s Formulator Connector.“ It worked with Formulator, it worked with our transaction manager software, it connected everything,” says Monique. “The process of doing our business suddenly became so quick.”

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