LightWork Managed Services


LightWork's Managed IT Services will give your company the support it needs. We are experts in supporting applications, infrastructure, desktops, email, web applications, document management, and other technologies that run your business.

LightWork's Vendor Management allows your company to simplify its vendor relationships by passing along those tasks to us. With a letter of agency, we can work with your copy machine leasing company, your phone service provider, your internet provider, and more on your behalf.

With LightWork's Backup and Disaster Recovery, your company can get the protection it needs for a price it can afford. Our backup system includes features, such as:

  • Image-based Backup

  • Screenshot Backup Verification

  • Backup Insights

  • And much more...

Let LightWork's Virtualization and Cloud Hosting reduce the cost and complexity of technology, free up your businesses response time and improve your ability to rebound from disasters. LightWork offers features, like:

  • Instant Local Virtualization

  • Instant Off-Site Virtualization

  • Hybrid Cloud

  • And much more...

LightWork Managed Services is a leading provider of managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses supporting the applications, infrastructure, desktops, email, web applications, document management, and other technologies that run your business. LightWork Managed Services specializes in backup & disaster recovery, virtualization & cloud hosting, vendor management, and much more.

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LightWork Managed Services: Rethink Backup

Do you backup your company data? How about storing it somewhere safe? If your answer is no to one or both of these questions LightWork™ Managed Services is here for you. See how our team and product are uniquely qualified to protect and serve your business needs.

Watch this short video to learn more about our company and product offerings.

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