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Flexibility and Choice in a Single, Comprehensive Solution to Manage your
Entire Business Efficiently.


Acumatica is the only cloud-based and browser-based ERP solution that adapts to the needs of growing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) economically and securely. It is the world’s fastest-growing provider of cloud ERP, with the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating trusted by companies across diverse industries. Acumatica is easy-to-use, full-featured and mobile software. With unlimited users, everyone can have a real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere. You can learn more in the product overview.

Interested in Acumatica, but want to know specifically how it'll help you succeed within your industry? 

Velixo Reports

Build financial and project reports in excel with live data in less than 5 minutes with this must-have module!

Selecting and implementing an ERP system drives a number of important business decisions. However, small- to medium-sized companies have an advantage: they can schedule based on their immediate needs with the right software and team. This whitepaper explains how to do it successfully.

Register for an On-Demand Webinar

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Join us for a 30-minute webinar where you will hear an overview of Acumatica Field Service Edition including a short demo where we will show you how to maintain a real-time view of your customer’s activities across your complete business while being fully integrated with your back office.

With a 360-degree view of customers, improve the overall customer experience and elevate customer satisfaction to earn higher recurring revenues and gain a competitive advantage.


Join us for a 30-minute webinar where you will learn about Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. The presentation will include an overview of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, followed by a short demo.

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Join us for a 30-minute webinar where you will hear an overview of Acumatica Commerce Edition. In addition, you will see a short demo and learn how to create online success with a streamlined back-office system powered by robust ERP software. Discover how you can start increasing the success of your eCommerce business today!

Watch a Video

Acumatica Cloud ERP Product Tour

In only 3 minutes discover many of the features customers have found valuable in Acumatica’s business management software. 

Dashboards and KPIs

Acumatica Cloud ERP system offers a collection of reporting and analytic resources to make your job easier and more productive. Gain greater insights into your organization with self-service tools: generate reports, customize dashboards, and analyze trends easily and in real time

Usability Features

See why Acumatica was chosen #1 in Usability from Nucleus Research. Choosing cloud ERP doesn’t have to mean settling for one-size-fits-all functionality. 

Mobile Notifications

Demo showing how to send notifications from Acumatica ERP to a mobile phone. Notifications can be configured based on generic inquiries and monitor real-time changes to ERP data. Recipients can click on a notification to access the data that requires action.

Why Acumatica's Modern ERP System

Adaptable Solution

Connected Cloud Platform:
Built for your business and can grow with your needs; add capabilities such as CRM and data visualization; flexible architecture allows for customization without the need for coding.

Ease of Use:
Collaborate easily and efficiently on Mac, PC, tablet, or phone; built-in User Guide for self-paced learning as roles and requirements evolve. All Acumatica application suites are web-based, integrate fully with one another, and use a centralized database.

Functionality for specific needs (e.g. bar coding) are already in place and can be extended further through industry standard tools and APIs. 

Deployment Options:
Acumatica in-house or in a private or public cloud; deployment and pricing options designed to ensure mid-market success.

Your Business Accelerated

A Single, Real-Time Version of the Truth:
Gain accurate, real-time visibility into business activities and performance with financial reports and personalized dashboards that access the shared, centralized database (single version of the truth).


Management Precision:
In cash forecasting, period-end close, and reconciliation and consolidation activities; auditable information on inventory, supply chain, OpEx, and profitability drivers ensure regulatory compliance and cost control.


Improved Profitability:
Through a collaborative workplace, reduced costs, and precise business controls – allowing you to focus on company growth and image.


Users are instantly up-and-running on a fully mobile solution; oversee workflows, grant approvals, and log expenses from anywhere; leverage the unique capabilities of your iPhone and Android devices such as the camera or fingerprint reader.

Streamlined Operations

Do More with Less:
Close your books faster with Acumatica’s time-saving automation and workflow. Efficiently handle month-end activities with fewer errors

Business Controls:
With secure mobile access, repeatable data creation and curation processes, and full database backups; intuitive business management and performance instrumentation; remote oversight and approvals.

Smart System:
Individuals see only information relevant to their jobs, giving people what they need to remove bottlenecks and speed decisions.

High Value:
Unlimited users with no increased expense; no software installation; no maintenance or management fees; no hardware or device upgrades required.

Key Performance Indicators for Distribution

Learn why you need a flexible distribution management system and why end users must be involved in the development of the ever-changing KPIs. This paper will present a complete discussion on the importance of KPIs and choosing the right distribution software. (Hint: the right one should be true (not fake) cloud distribution software, software that is flexible, mobile, and adaptable with powerful and easy-to-use KPIs.)

Delve Deeper into Acumatica
to learn more about what this product has to offer...

A powerful financial application-- simple enough for small shops and comprehensive enough for complex multi-nationals -- supporting your needs today and in the future. Designed for companies with complex requirements, yet easy to use in smaller organizations, Acumatica Financial Management Suite provides a feature-rich accounting suite, fully integrated with Acumatica’s Customer Management, Distribution Management, Manufacturing Management, Field Services Management, and Project Accounting product suites.

Automates and reduces errors in purchasing, order fulfillment, inventory tracking, and customer support. Manage sales orders, track inventory, fill orders, improve purchasing, and provide customer support from anywhere with the Acumatica Distribution Management Suite, fully integrated with CRM, Financials, Manufacturing and Project Management for visibility across the entire organization.

The Customer Management Suite includes web-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and customer accounts. 

ERP and CRM work together. 
Customer Management (also called Customer Relationship Management) was built into Acumatica from the very beginning. It is not a loosely integrated module like so many other midmarket ERP products. From marketing, quoting, and sales to delivery and post-sales support, customer information is always up to date and accurate.

Integrated Content Management. 
Acumatica provides a consolidated view of all customer records in a single database. This access to all written quotes, invoices, and support cases provides to every member of your team a 360-degree view of all customer activities and records.

Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to help your team manage forecasts, quotas, and results. Efficiently communicate and collaborate with customers through the Acumatica Customer Portal. Helpful tools give customers access to information about their interaction with your company and enable activities online.

Manage budgeting, inventory, time sheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives. Projects are included in company-wide financial reports. Project Accounting Software features are integrated with General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, and the Time & Expense mobile application.

Streamline dispatching, reduce response times, and minimize costs with the Acumatica Field Service Management suite that works with CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting. With a 360-degree view of customer activities, improve the overall customer experience and elevate customer satisfaction to earn higher recurring revenues and gain a competitive advantage. All the applications are web-based and fully mobile which is ideal for your field workforce. Unlike other field services applications, the user interface provides a seamless transition between applications because the Acumatica Field Services Management is part of Acumatica ERP, not a bolt on application.


Benefits of Automating Field Services Operations:


Scheduling, Dispatching and Call Center

Route Planning

Google Maps Integration

Mobile Service Management

Emergency Service Calls

Equipment Maintenance

Inventory Management

Service Contract Management

Warranty Management

Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Team Approach too Sales and Service

Track Project Costs

Streamline Operations and Increase Efficiency with the Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Suite


In many ways, nonprofits share similarities with major corporations: each has goods and services they provide, each has a budget. However, the way finances are managed at a nonprofit is quite different than a Fortune 500 company.  Unlike corporations, nonprofit organizations have a unique set of needs with regard to financial management. Donations, grants, donor relations, and a complex audit trail, among other things, must all be accounted for. The Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Suite enables your organization to demonstrate accountability and stewardship, maintain funding sources, and engage leadership by analyzing your true financial picture.


Learn how this solution can save you time and bring visibility into your nonprofit.

Key benefits:

  • Fund Accounting: You can easily track revenues with purpose restrictions against the expenditures made for those purposes. The Fund Accounting module allows you to bring balance to funds and maintain accounting integrity between defined dimensions.

  • Restricted Funds Management: Properly define funds and eliminate commingling of cash, providing the ability to define and manage how cash is received and expended without over-complicating the data entry process.

  • Grant Management: Managing grants is an afterthought in most accounting software systems, engineered to allow you to manage, track, and report on grants, even if the grant life supersedes the financial year.

  • Encumbrance Accounting: Enables you to record these obligations at the time they are foreseen, even if the services haven’t yet been rendered or the billing hasn’t taken place.

  • Enhanced Audit Trail: Acumatica Cloud ERP gives you a complete audit trail that stretches across all modules so that you can understand who, when and where transactions were entered and approved.

Acumatica delivers a modern application built for the cloud and mobile—but with Acumatica, you get the option of SaaS, hosted, or on-premise implementation. You choose where to start and always have the flexibility to move to another deployment option when your business needs change. 

Interested in Learning More about Acumatica?

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