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LightWork Learning Management

LightWork Learning Management, powered by dialogEDU, is a unique technology that provides digital learning and personalized education in an engaging online classroom.  It features rich interactive content, simulation tools, virtual student lockers, and a suite of features that create a custom-targeted learning plan that improves learner outcomes.  These outcomes can be reliably measured by the employer through assessments, feedback, and additional learner data, allowing for continuous improvement of the course material and structure.

Another feature of this dynamic learning platform is that it can be applied to create virtual online conferences for information sharing, telemedicine patient training, or traditional online learning models. This flexible solution is intuitive, secure, and scalable and the multilingual SaaS platform is available 24/7 globally.


As the workforce continues to transition to alternative sites and remote working opportunities, companies need tools that are responsive to the dynamic environment.  There are turnkey course offerings as well as the capability to build and deploy customized curriculum to employees.


LightWork Learning Management has a substantial catalog of content-rich courses.  There are more than 2,000 courses and certificates, designed for a variety of roles and industries. This dynamic educational and professional development tool assists human resources in staying compliant with workforce education requirements. 


Here are examples of just some of the course and industry offerings:

Restaurants and Food Service: food safety, HACCP for managers, HACCP for operations
Healthcare: HIPPA, handling claims, bloodborne pathogens
Manufacturing: electrical safety, basic electricity, combustible dust, fire safety
Compliance: code of conduct, preventing discrimination and harassment, data privacy
Title IX:  preventing misconduct, responsible employees 
Technology: cybersecurity, Word and Excel
Business Skills: project management, time management, building and maintaining effective teams, critical thinking for problem-solving and decision-making, managing change, and leadership.


A digital library allows the instructor to create, re-use, and share learning objects to standardize the organization of digital content. LightWork’s built-in authoring tool helps to build content quickly and create responsive quizzes, presentations, discussion topics, and assignments for the repository.

Deploy customized training and specific targeted content (audio/media/events/ and forums.) associated with specific job titles/ roles/audiences. Digital communities and social groups are targets to enhance the sharing of knowledge.

My Virtual Locker is an individual, private, and secure feature for learners to maintain active courses, forums, scheduled events, notifications, achievement badges, and certificates.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution, there is no need for a local desktop or server installation. This makes LightWork Learn both straightforward as well as cost-effective. Attracting and hiring top-level talent has never been easier or more efficient than with LightWork Learn.

Active Directory Integration

Student and employee records, using built-in LDAP and SAML, create an integration allowing learners to utilize single sign-on capabilities within any network.

Administrators have enterprise-level analytics across every level of learning, through custom reports or leveraging existing analytics, to make informed business decisions with accurate and real-time data.

Content can be accessible for learners either via the web or any mobile device, making access to the learning in LightWork available at any time, from anywhere.

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