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LightWork People Management

LightWork People Management houses all the employee information imported from your HRMS system or an excel sheet. Keep track of all your employee data in one easily manageable location. Our HR system holds information like employee details, contact details, organizational position, primary and secondary job, employment status, etc.


Your employee profiles can be updated from an outside source or within LightWork People Management. These profiles hold information like general employee details, organizational levels, the primary and secondary job, employment status, etc.

People Management allows you to create, modify, and delete job positions within your company. This makes it easy to assign jobs to existing and new employees.

Keeping track of employees can get messy. With LightWork People Management we make it easy to manage all your employee data in one place. It is easy to import your employee data into LightWork from another HRMS system or excel sheet.

Ever have a need to keep track of employee-specific documents? With People Management, you can easily attach documents to an employee's profile.

Organization Levels

LightWork People Management allows your company to maintain your organization level in-house.

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