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Announcing FY 2017 Promotions!

The following quarterly promotions are effective through the expiration date listed.


  • New! Sage 500 ERP: Existing Sage 500 ERP customers save 5% on renewal when they upgrade their Silver Business Care to Platinum Business Care

  • New! Sage 500 ERP: Winback Sage 500 ERP customers get 25% off reinstatement fee for Sage 500 ERP

  • New! Sage 500 ERP: Off-plan Sage 500 ERP customers get 15% Off Silver; 20% Off Gold; 25% Off Platinum when you come back on plan

  • Sage HRMS: Off-plan Sage HRMS customers can get back on plan and save 25% off Sage HRMS repurchase. With each additional new Sage HRMS module added, save an additional 25% off the license fees*

  • Sage HRMS: Migrate from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS and save 25% on the migration license and ESS.* Wiith the purchase of two or more modules purchased, save an additional 25% on the migration licenses and ESS*

  • Sage HRMS: 25% off new Sage Core HRMS licenses for every add-on solution purchased*—that means customers can save up to 100%* off the Sage Core HRMS license with the purchase 4 additional modules!*

  • New! Sage Fixed Assets Sage Fixed Assets customers save 25% on the purchase of all additional Sage Fixed Assets user licenses, modules, training, and their upgrades to the Premier version

  • New! Sage BusinessVision Accounting: Sage BusinessVision customers can migrate to Sage 300c for only a 50% increase in their current Sage BusinessVision Business Care plan

  • New! Sage 300 (Canada) 2.9% financing for two years on any Sage 300 solution

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