Employee Recruitment in a Remote Workplace World

Human resources wears many hats for an organization, such as recruiting, hiring, benefits, training, payroll, performance management, and employee records, to name a few. Any number of these, if not all of these areas, may have been affected in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Large numbers of employees who primarily work on a computer are doing so in a home office on a flexible schedule. Job seekers have, for more than a decade, been using technology to network and search for new career opportunities. On the converse, human resources has been creating and adopting new ways to attract, locate and recruit new talent for the organization. New talent injects new energy, expertise, and depth a

Finding Balance in Performance Management

Tips to Manage Life Stress and Work Success Achieving a balance between work and home before 2020 was a process of juggling and prioritizing responsibilities between the two. Now, more than perhaps any other time in U.S. history, employees are facing new challenges because the office, in many cases, is also home. COVID-19 has put many individuals and families in the midst of finding the perfect balance between virtual school and hybrid education options, along with juggling childcare needs with work schedules and personal time. LightWork® Software sponsored the “The State of Performance Management 2020,” a survey conducted by HR.com, in May and June of 2020. More than 300 human resource prof

Employee Time Collection Made Easy: Biometric Time Clocks

The ability to accurately collect and track employee time and attendance is a necessity for any company. Timely data collection allows for proper payroll processing, and the enforcement and compliance of attendance and time-off policies. It also provides the documentation needed for labor regulation compliance. There are several methods to collect time, from the traditional paper timesheet or timecard, to wall-mounted card swipes, to employee digital data entry. Many of these methods invite human error. When the inevitable error happens, managers spend valuable time trying to rectify it. Errors are unavoidable, right? Not necessarily. Consider implementing biometric time clocks. How is a bio

Employee Performance Analytics

A Business Intelligence Tool As long as there have been business transactions, there have been dozens, if not hundreds of ways developed to evaluate, manage and make a profit from the process. It can be argued that human capital is as important as the financial capital is to an organization’s livelihood. Thus making an organization’s human capital, its employees and their performance, critical. Regardless of the industry, employee skills and their performance impacts the bottom line of the organization. It is the job of human resources to provide management tools to better manage and understand those factors that contribute to, and affect, employee performance. Conventional performance revie

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