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Sage HRMS 2017 will be available for download May 23, 2017

Sage HRMS 2017 product availability

Automatic delivery of software updates is just one of the many benefits you enjoy as a part of Sage Business Care. If you are using a previous version of Sage HRMS, you should upgrade to Sage HRMS 2017 to take advantage of all this product has to offer.

Sage HRMS 2017 will be available for download May 23, 2017.

The software can be downloaded from the Sage Knowledgebase on or after May 23.

Sage HRMS 2017 includes:

  • Sage HRMS core improvements and updated Payroll module.

  • Sage ESS and Open Enrollment improvements for new registration, reset passwords, and processing open enrollments for groups of employees.

  • Sage HRMS HR Actions—new version to support Sage HRMS 2017.

  • Cyber Recruiter/Cyber Train—no new version required.

  • Web-based help accessed from core Sage HRMS and Sage ESS.

Important: You MUST upgrade to the latest version this year. Sage HRMS 2017 will be the only supported version for the Q4 2017 product and tax update.

View What’s New in web help for a detailed look at the benefits you will enjoy with Sage HRMS 2017.

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