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Employee Data Management at the Heart of Human Resources

Employee data, tracking, managing, and reporting is at the heart of the human resources (HR) function.

The process of employee recruitment, onboarding, time and attendance, appraisals, benefits, and compensation management all involve critical business and confidential information. This data can provide valuable insights into your organization.

Employee acquisition includes recruitment, applicant tracking and onboarding. Sourcing, screening and qualifying applicants can be a daunting task, but using a powerful and flexible applicant tracking and recruiting software can help. By keeping closer track of the status of each applicant, there can be more effective communication with applicants and managers. Traditionally onboarding new hires can involve lots of paperwork, but with new software solutions on the market that tie directly into employee data management systems, this process can be effortless and seamless.

Once an employee is on board, time and attendance tracking and reporting becomes paramount to the organization’s daily business. Technology has continued to improve time reporting and attendance tracking, and now with advanced software solutions, reporting key metrics can also be achieved.

One thing to keep in mind, time collection has increasingly become more and more complex. Make sure you have kept up with your highly mobile and diverse workforce. Consider using a highly flexible platform to track employee time, to keep up with all of the locations where your employees now work. LightWork® Mobile allows employees to punch, check their times and even approve timesheets, all while on the go. The LightWork® Mobile application is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows devices. Whether you capture time with a punch kiosk, traditional time clocks or biometrics, be sure this data interfaces with an HR management software solution.

LightWork Software People Management houses employee profiles that include employee details, organization levels, primary and secondary job assignments, and employment status. It allows for all employee data to be in once place.

Having the ability to provide reports about employee turnover on an organizational or departmental level can be key to improving operations.

Human resources departments everywhere struggle consistently with one thing: the sheer amount of paperwork associated with the end-to-end process of employee information management. Keeping it all organized is a job within itself, and it is not an easy one without the help of a centralized hub. LightWork People Management is the perfect tool to track demographic and organizational information as well as employee notes, events, emergency contacts, certifications, and much more. Keeping track of all your employee data in one easy-to-manage location has never been simpler. Click here to learn more about HR LightWork Software Solutions.

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