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Employee Recruitment in a Dynamic Business Environment

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Never have those words, written by Charles Dickens more than a century ago, been so relevant. The face of employee recruitment has never been so challenging. While many businesses across the continent are on the ‘essential’ list, there are many more who have made the transition to a remote workforce, which is essential to their businesses’ livelihood. Many essential businesses are not just open, but are thriving with the need to hire. Using virtual robust employee recruiting and onboarding tools has never been more practical and valuable.

Regardless of the economic climate across the business landscape, recruiting qualified candidates and hiring the right employees is a vital function of survival for any sized business. The business that survives is the business that adapts. The business that thrives is the business that looks ahead and plans for success.

Investing in a recruiting and onboarding solution is not only a good idea, but could be the key to growing your business. The sheer volume of applicants seeking employment opportunities today due to high unemployment rates highlights the importance of having an efficient and effective recruiting solution. That is where a software system that recruits and onboards new hires comes into play. A centralized system that offers the ability to post to major job boards to attract qualified candidates can save a company valuable time and resources. In a marketplace when qualified applicants may be in short supply, a software tool assists with recruiting through branded social media outreach. The right recruitment software solution that provides consistent communication and touch points can be essential to keeping a company top of mind with job seekers.

Recruitment software tools also provide for applicant tracking by keeping all correspondence with each applicant housed in one centralized location. By keeping closer track of the status of each job opening, posting and application, human resources professionals can focus on talking with the best candidates to fulfill their company’s employment opportunities.

Many employers do not realize the entire recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process can be completely remote. Interviews can take place on the phone or via video conference, and all new hire documents can be completed electronically.

LightWork Software® Recruit and Onboarding offers all of these employee recruitment solutions and more. The Onboarding module features the opportunity to customize essential company documents as well as employment tax credit processing. Be the solution to your company’s recruitment needs. Visit to learn more.

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