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First Impressions Are Everything: Employee Learning Management Tools

The first couple of weeks at a new job can make or break an employee’s impression of their work and employer experience. As a human resources manager, it is your job to ensure each new hire is integrated smoothly into the company. It is also important to understand that orientation processes can take a couple of hours to a couple of months.

It all depends on how much your new hires need to learn and your company’s preference in presenting it. Spreading orientation over a longer period of time can help the employees become integrated more easily. It doesn’t have to be a matter of months, but when orientation is spread out it, allows new employees to gain a better understanding of the company, gives them time to ask questions, and lets them become comfortable in their new environment.

When bringing a new hire into your company, it is important to introduce them to their manager, team tasks, process, and goals. Many argue it is equally important to introduce the organization’s culture and values. That means making sure they feel like a part of the team and are making connections with their co-workers. There are many tools to help you do this, which makes finding the right balance between technology and in-personal interactions all the more important.

Coordinating the company’s orientation program allows human resources to determine what information to include and the best way to present it. Combining technology with personal interaction is key – even remote ‘personal’ interaction is necessary. Depending on whether you are onboarding several employees at once or one at a time, there are several different methods to incorporate. Videos, PowerPoint presentations, and games are great ways to keep orientations fun and interactive. The learning environment should be dynamic and flexible to meet your organization’s needs.

What might be the best employee onboarding and learning management system for your organization? It will not only provide a set of onboarding materials and courses, but also bridges into an ongoing education, training, and development. The right learning management system can help you deploy a curriculum that assists in building job competence, quality assurance, and legal and policy compliance.

LightWork Learning Management System, powered by dialogEDU, is a leader in the field. With a track record of success in education, LightWork Learning Management focuses on individual goals and organizational objectives, with access from anywhere with many different ways to deliver the digital courses. Talk to the experts at LightWork® Software about an orientation and learning management system for your organization.

Another feature of this dynamic learning platform is that it can be applied to create virtual online conferences for information sharing, telemedicine patient training, or traditional online learning models. This flexible solution is intuitive, secure, and scalable, and the multilingual SaaS platform is available 24/7 globally. To learn more about LightWork Learning Management, visit LightWork Software.


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