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How to Deal with Change within Your Company

People like routine. It is like a security blanket to hold tight to in times of change. Embracing change is a crucial step in growing an organization. Here are a few suggestions to soothe employees during times of change and growth.


Leadership is critical. Employees need direction and support during times of changing assignments, departments and reorganizations.


Employees must have mutual trust in each other and leadership so that change will be readily accepted. Employees need to feel confident that the leader has their best interests in mind. Trust in leadership = Success.


One step in the right direction toward trust is clear and frequent communication. It is more important than ever for leaders to be forthcoming during times of change. Confronting issues and rumors head-on will create an open environment.


Be clear when communicating with employees. Let them know why the change is occurring, what the intended outcomes are, and how it will benefit not just the company, but them individually. Understanding is important for accepting.


Give employees time to wrap their minds around the changes. Give everyone a heads up on what is to come and what the expectations may be moving forward.


Show employees that the organization cares about them by listening to concerns and opinions. Convey that they matter.


Create a suggestion box. Allow all employees to play an active role in changes by providing them a voice. When employees feel like they are a part of the process, they will be more likely to embrace it. One important thing to remember: only ask for ideas and opinions if you plan on truly considering them. Offer helpful, real solutions to concerns and/or be open to compromises that the employees request.


Make sure leadership is providing positive feedback about the progress. Celebrate ALL successes!


Help employees gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities they may need to deal with the upcoming change. If it is new software, make sure they get the proper training and that everyone feels they have received the training they need to succeed.

LightWork Software facilitates human resources professionals and other corporate leaders to be able to roll out positive change through its People Management and Learning Management solutions. To learn more about LightWork Software, visit


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