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Trends for Managed Services in 2021

If 2020 rocked your organization’s technology world, then hold on for more of the same in 2021.

Digitalization Digitalization is the single largest trend in technology. If your company has not yet embraced digital transformation, then at the very least, 2021 should be the year to develop a plan and allocate a budget to move forward with it. Converting records and processes into a digital format is essential to remain competitive. It allows data to be shared, accessed and utilized seamlessly. From virtual meeting spaces to automated marketing to analytics and reporting to accounting and ERP software solutions – even human resources functions such as payroll, recruiting, onboarding and performance management have all now been transformed by technology.

Cybersecurity With rapid digitalization comes an increased risk to security. Numbers really tell the story. Damages related to cybercrime hit a record $1 trillion in 2020, according to a December 2020 report issued by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee. The losses add up and come from hidden costs from opportunity, time and money spent on cybersecurity decision making, down productivity and more. Understanding the sophistication of the system is paramount and having a solid system in place to combat cybercrime is essential.

Cloud Hosting/Management With the growing number of options for software hosting, management of the complexities is emerging as a very necessary part of the process. Deciding to move to the cloud means understanding the pros and cons of doing so and how to best optimize it. The benefits of different configurations and how they may affect your business are certainly an emerging part of any top business’s technology strategy for 2021.

Quick Development Time is money, and improving the time in which software moves from development to deployment is critical. Many technologies are developed nowadays with moves toward agility and productivity and an eye toward application performance monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, there are potential applications for AI across industries to optimize and transform operations, saving, potentially, billions. Improved operations from AI-created ‘smart’ functions can result in significant energy savings from a smart building, appliances, transportation systems, etc. System automation has long been a part of a savvy business plan, but now more than ever it is essential keeping a competitive bottom line.

If you have questions about managing your IT department, functions and/or services, LightWork Managed Services has the answers. LightWork Managed Services is a leading provider of managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses supporting the applications, infrastructure, desktops, email, web applications, document management, and other technologies that run your business. LightWork Managed Services specializes in backup & disaster recovery, virtualization & cloud hosting, vendor management. To connect with one of our professionals, click here.


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